Since the 1950's, We have provided a wide range of customers with the highest quality pumps, packaged pumping systems, parts and service. As recognized leaders in pump design, performance & innovation, we continue to lead the package pump industry.

Today, we have representation in all fifty states in addition to export sales in Canada, Mexico, and around the world, which are handled by various representatives. Our product line has expanded over the years to include package pump systems for both the water and wastewater markets. Although flooded suction pump stations remain the mainstay of our wastewater product line, Water booster pump stations have become exceptionally common on the production floor. Since the turn of the century, a major portion of total sales have been in the water industry making DPI a major supplier in the package water market.

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The DPI Flip Top Grade Mounted
Water Booster


At Dakota Pump Inc. a Grade Mounted Water Booster Station is an excellent choice when cost is the primary design factor. Due to it's small footprint & compact design with a
fiberglass enclosure, this water booster station
provides a cost efficient alternative to a buried
or built-in place water booster station, while
maintaining the custom design features of our
below grade package water booster stations

Basically designed for lower flow applications,
a grade mounted water booster station can be
equipped to perform a variety of tasks. Dakota
Pump Inc. offers the Design Engineer the option
of specifying most nationally recognized
manufacturer's of pumps and other major
components, thus utilizing local sources of
parts and service

If you would like more information about Dakota Pump, Inc. pump stations please visit our online product brochure page on our website located here: http://www.dakotapump.com/downloads

Dakota Pump Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of packaged pump solutions with dealers/distributors across the United States.

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